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My first year as a Getter

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Today I am celebrating my one-year work anniversary at Gett Delivery.

I never imagined it would be such a ride.

While learning about the Israeli delivery playground, I managed to contribute so much to our business growth. After living abroad for a few years, I returned to Israel and was looking for my next challenge.

It took me some time, different positions, and one unsuccessful startup initiative to find the right place for me. It was not easy, but damn, I'm so happy I made the right choice in joining Gett Delivery.

Gett Delivery is a startup within a startup that puts you in a unique environment. You have the mother ship- Gett- resource, but the adjustment is on you.

Like any position in a startup, there is the job description, and then there is real life, where you do all you can to scale the business.

As part of the Demand team, my role is to find new partners, present, promote, and sell Gett Delivery service using solid arguments to existing and prospective customers. I have one mission- get more costumers, convince them to deliver more using our marketplace tech solution, grow the business.

Soon I understood that to meet my targets, I needed to do much more as the business is growing fast. I found myself happily working as a courier- sorting and delivering parcels to our costumers. Also, I did shifts as a Customer care rep - serving our partners and drivers via our smart chat solution, and much more:)

Our solution is disruptive to the Israeli market. Many companies do not offer same-day delivery as they can't see the immediate value for their costumer. The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the market and brought the opportunity to provide the Israeli customer with the ultimate experience of getting his product the day he made the purchase (even on-demand). We noticed a dramatic increase in same-day delivery among our partners. At a time of uncertainty, you want to get the product ASAP. The shipping process is massively affecting the purchase decision, and companies choosing Gett Delivery intend to take control of all their user's purchasing flow.

After nine months as a Business Development manager, I was promoted to leading Gett Delivery’s Strategic Partnerships. This promotion validates my feeling that I made the right decision to join the company. It is also shows much appreciation from my colleagues and managers. It was a significant milestone for me.

Before arriving at Gett Delivery, I read and heard so much about the company culture.

Now that I'm part of the Gett tribe, I know why it is the right place for my personal and professional growth. The company values a

What are those, you ask?

Be pros:

To be a pro means aiming to be the best at what you do. Again, and it’s important, it’s not intended to be the best at everything. It is the actual goal to do all you can to improve and dedicate as much effort as needed. I am always curious to learn more and continuously improve my capabilities. I’m always ready for my next interaction with the customer, including all the relevant data. I will be his last-mile consultant who knows the market and demonstrates why Gett is his best last-mile solution.

Gett things done:

Strive to exceed expectations and be a doer. I call it - the hard worker value. Listen, we are living in C R A Z Y era…. COVID-19, should I give more examples? But one thing that solves any challenge is to work hard to tackle it. If it means speaking with the partner at 11 PM because it’s the only available slot he can have the conversation- do it. If it means to follow up again and again with email/calls/WA messages to make sure the issue is solved, do it. I know that some of my best colleagues are calling me a Challenger ( You know what - I'm proud of my nickname:)

As in my personal life, the same in Gett- be responsible. You are the owner of your destiny; make sure to perform well, so your performance speak for you.

Be positive:

It is our choice how we look at what happens in life. Listen, sometimes you do your things, and something goes wrong. That is life. You cannot always make all of your stakeholders satisfied. It would be best if you stayed honest to yourself and again make your choices. You are alive!!! Be happy, stay positive, dream big, and live a life you will remember.

Stay Humble:

There is no Ego!

I feel so connected to the way Gett values are presented so I’ll use their specific words:

Acknowledge success and mistakes alike.

Praise others on their achievement. Communicate with respect and share your knowledge. Amen!!! I'm a people person who thinks that it’s all and always about the people. To be humble is a way of living for me, I recommend to everyone to think first about the person on the other side.

It was only my first year, but here at Gett i

t’s considered as 7😊 as we go through so much. Next year expectation: dream bigger and never lose my passion.

Stay tuned, more to come.

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