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MBA graduation reflection

A few weeks ago, I finished my MBA studies in Management and Organizational behavior. I still remember how I almost failed my first test in my first year in pursuit of my B.A in 2012. So, I graduated with an MBA which I am very proud of.

During all my studies, I got the Q – why do you do it? How will this degree provide any value for your career path? I am busy as hell, and without a crystal-clear purpose (it starts with WHY), couldn’t handle this kind of Q. I am working (more than) a full-time job, my family is growing (counting 2 lovely kids) and trying to "live a life I (you) will remember" and in-between that - BUSY 😊

In a world that is suffering from inflation, with all kinds of degrees and organizations that do not see a real difference between one that is holding an MBA, the Q is super relevant. An MBA is something I always knew I wanted to do. I decided not to do my MBA immediately after my BA as I felt I had to promote a bigger WHY in my career strategy.

I wanted to gain more experience and to be as sure as possible regarding the subject of my Masters.

Here is my answer to, Why did I do it and why I chose Bar-Ilan university?

A. Learning is something that defines me. I love to learn. I decided to go for a full degree and not take some professional courses because I still believe the MBA has influence in different circles. I believe it is still a "good line" in your resume. The word you should be aware of is Still. Research shows that the importance of MBA degrees has dramatically decreased when it comes to recruiters choosing candidates for a job.

Provides you tools in a changing world. 

B. An MBA is different from professional courses as it is a much longer process. You can see it as the difference between a Marathon and a Sprint. I am the person who believes, the longer the better (read about my Marathon experience here). Most MBA degrees are more than a year-long, the deeper the process, the more value you get from it. Your peers can be exposed to more of your character, to know your skills better and many opportunities can be born out of it. Also, the long process helps integrate your studies into your life better.

A longer study process is much more effective.

C. There is no doubt- the world we are living in is changing. People are the MOST important asset to any organization. It does not matter how developed the technology is, or how digitized the process is – it is all about the people. Especially when pursuing an MBA, your classmates are the ones that help you get the right connection to push your career forward, introduce you to a relevant company where you can get your next opportunity. For example, you can notice how the Ivy League institutions attract the most talented young people (who can afford to study there) and will shape the homeland economy by the experiences and connections they make during their studies.

Well known Universities have a much better reputation for their MBA studies, and they attract professional and career-oriented students.

D. People (#2)- I met so many of them during my studies, both students and lecturers. I must put the spotlight on the people that are part of the Bar Ilan University, as I see it as a microcosmos of the Israeli society: Religious and non-religious people, during their Army services, many Arabs from all over the country alongside young Hipsters. This diversity develops very interesting discussions, raised by the people providing their point of view regarding different business topics. I think the Bar llan university needs to emphasize and be proud of this unique academic environment they provide, especially as part of their MBA program.

When choosing an academic institute, give critical weight to the people that are building the Human Texture of it.

E. At the end of the day your academic institute (University or any other school) is only the playground you bring yourself in. Its always up to you, how much you choose to be engaged with others and how much you do for them. This is how you leave your mark. I had the privilege of making friends with, people such as Ronen, together we led our initiative Talking Business- platform for network and the place to create business opportunities between the students. This venture helped Chen who then recommended me for my current position at Gett. My closest classmates Nataly and Yonatan realized that I was the right person to collaborate with during our studies. One thing led to another and it helped me accomplish my career and personal goals. I can proudly say that without my MBA I would not be where I am now.

F. How can someone summarize something between the years of 2019 and 2020 without mentioning the effect of COVID 19 . Remote courses were so marginal during my first semester in 2019, and as for 2020, it became the only way to deliver studies. Although the university is more than 65 years old and considered to be kind of "old",  I want to give credit for Bar-Ilan university on how, in this very dynamic pandemic situation they gave us updates and tried to do their best, in order to help us feel a little bit more confident regarding how we would finish our studies.

It is still not clear how tests are going to be done in the future and the academic world needs to bridge the gap of not having face2face interactions, but I believe they are on the right path. When looking for your next institution, ask how they adjust for the new situation. They have many courses discussing models and adoption in a new markets, they should know their strategy, shouldn’t they?

Ask about Covid-19 effects, it may change your opinion.


Make the best out of the journey and always strive to provide value for your fellow learners.

The world is changing around us – but one thing that remains consistent is the ability to learn, the curiosity to progress, and the capability to implement what you have learned. Different companies have already declared that academic resumes are no longer a barrier to start working for them, but they insist on recognizing the ability to learn. No matter where you chose to learn- whether it’s a professional course or a full degree – make sure to invest fully, in order for it to be a success story.

To your dreams and their fulfillment, 


Ofer Oringher

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