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How to make the most of your business partnerships

Although the physical location of employment and the balancing of work and life is an important debate, the partnership manager at a company has major responsibilities for both his company and the companies under its umbrella. Covid19 emphasizes the importance of customer managers delivering added value to their portfolios so that they can develop profitable, high-quality partnerships that will last for years to come. So what is the best way to do that? 1. Targets- Identifying clear and measurable goals is the job of OKRS, who support the organization's mission and produce a focus for the coming quarter. Because the world is changing, this quarter is a realistic time for measuring performance.

2. By mapping strategy, you can deepen your relationship with the customer. While every organization has a main stakeholder they work with, a partnership manager should be aware of additional needs as an organization and see how value is generated for them as well. Work regularly with the online department - great - but the marketing department is also a great source of potential deliveries. Getting to know many stakeholders in the organization can help you meet your goals. Generally speaking, the ability to provide solutions according to the period of the year can create value for the customer and growth for the organization. Think of RTM (real time marketing) for your partner. 3. Collaboration success is directly tied to the assimilation of the product. A good partnership manager must be able to control the product and make the necessary adjustments for the relationship to succeed and the product to be used to its full potential with the customer. One golden tip is to have a good connection with product people in your organization. 4. Interpersonal skills are probably the most important. In the end, these are people on the other side, so the ability to express yourself in an honest, genuine way, while taking responsibility for mistakes along the way, is what fosters the trust and ability to cooperate over time. 5. Management focus - At the end of the day, managers' focus produces a lot of clarity for their departments and employees and provides a lot of benefit over the long run to the process and the constant pursuit of goals: Understand your customer and do your best to make him love your product by providing him with exceptional service.

Summary: The partner manager is the "foreign minister" of the company, representing his diverse interests on the one hand, but more often he represents the customer internally - by clarifying his various needs, which will lead to the growth and success of the company. Strengthening and investing in the customer base, as well as deepening the collaboration with strategic customers, is an important move for future growth and immunity of a company at a time when the world is changing.

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