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What we can learn from NBA star Larry Bird

Book Blog: THE COMPOUND EFFECT JUMPSTART YOUR INCOME, YOUR LIFE, YOUR SUCCESS by Darren Hardy Instagram account: @Book_your_career

Former publisher of SUCCESS magazine, the man credited with helping hundreds of leaders change their lives for the better is also well known in the field of personal development. Darren knows a thing or two about how to grow in life (in any field) and become the person you aspire to become.

Essentially the book is short and easy to read, something simple and applicable, with some key principles:

1. Throughout the book, the guiding principle is the main complexity effect. Practice is the only way to succeed. Work that is not exciting, not sexy, and that takes time to interpret- will bring you to your goals.  

2.Cohices : Be aware all the time, be thankful (not just on Thanksgiving), take responsibility, and remember that luck is:

Preparation: is a combination of personal development + positive attitude + opportunity (what happens along the way) + action. Tracking- Pay attention to where you want to grow. To lose weight, keep track of everything you put in your body. Economic growth: what you spend your money on, and where you can make more. Every penny matters. As he explains in this book, every little step is significant. The difference between first and second place can be on the tip of an iodine - one goal, one more hit, but the reward between first and second place is enormous.   A smaller step than the opponent is significant.

Basically, life is a series of choices we make from moment to moment. 3. Habit: Addicted to a habit, we grow into what we repeat over and over again. Ninety-five percent of people walk without a purpose. Larry Bird is mentioned in the book as someone who has adapted habits that have made him one of the greatest NBA players of all time, even though he did not come from a standard background or set of abilities There is no immediate compensation for the big and important things in life. The "why" has been stated a lot in our time, but the author points out that sometimes a "why" can also be: "I was told I would never succeed" - that doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad reason for being who you are (of course you must have a moral reason). The motive will also help you determine your values, so you can more easily decide whether it matches my values or not without hesitation.

4. Setting Goals: "Anything you imagine for yourself in a living way, long for with passion, cherish with sincerity and act enthusiastically to realize, must consciously be done." If you buy a new car and suddenly see it everywhere, you'll be thinking of something and suddenly there will be signs that will help you achieve this goal, our brains are looking for it. Since success is unattainable without pursuing it, you attract success because you have already attained it.  His formula is:

It is you--choice + behavior + habit + complexity effect = goals Filter what goes into your body and set up habits that will lead to success. Be transparent about your goals.

Achieving goals is not easy - common to those who succeed and those who do not - most do not like to invest in order to accomplish the goal, but the successful never give up! Patience and faith are key!

5. Momentum:

He compares it to a child's ankle in the book. It takes a lot of effort and push to get started, but it gets easier with time. It shows the importance of investing even when it may not be successful at first, but that it will happen and then you need to be prepared, and the habits will get you there.

The morning and evening routines include: Thanksgiving, sending love, an important goal for today, sports activities, calling for inspiration, and working on something important.

Ends the day by closing the box office - what went well / poorly and what can be improved the next day, and again reads something that will inspire him. From time to time, it is necessary to do routine-breaking things that further the goals, in the book he calls that "rocking the boat". Furthermore, he points out that it is important for the goals and all the goals to be meaningful in your diary. It is important to see the time spent on goal A, otherwise you will not be able to reach it.  6. Impact:

We discussed the information that goes into you and what you consume already - too many social networks and the like - but it is also important to understand who you hang out with since Sharan also believes you are the average of the five people you hang out with, so it is important to make difficult decisions. You will find business mentors - people, especially the successful, who are eager to share their knowledge.  7.acceleration:

Everyone who ever run for a long Running long distances brings with it the "wall", the psychological barrier that comes with saying, "Let's leave, let's let go". The book describes exactly how those who are going to accomplish their madness accelerate the pace and do the unexpected.

Generally, his book describes how to succeed: do the unexpected, try harder, and always provide added value to achieve your goals and leave a lasting impression.

A practical and applicable book that will help you accomplish the success you aim for, any tips you wish to share? I'd love to hear from you.

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