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My thoughts on Y generation’s most challenging task~

How my efficacy and personal approach helped me find a new position

I spent the last few months looking for a new job, and quickly realized that searching traditionally would be very challenging; so, I changed my mindset and developed a new plan of action. After achieving my goals, I want to share with you the approach that I believe most helped to find a position as the business development manager for Gett Delivery.

Strategy- Before doing anything, think, and connect to the reasons that push you in the first place. Consider the long-term path, how to implement your current plan and set your goals accordingly. There are a lot of business opportunities out there, and you need to understand which are the best fit; for you as an employee, and as part of a bigger whole. Think of your value proposition and what message you want the other side to receive. Be specific about the new position you are looking for: a startup or a well-known organization, a compliant with the local market or a global reach; they think differently, and so should you. Learn about the culture and pay attention to how it will influence your career path. Put your efforts in the right place and don’t apply for a position just for its title. During the job interview, learn as much as possible on the company and the position, and ask questions about the day to day routine and daily operations; these are critical for when you will have to decide if this is the right place for you.   

Visibility- use your online and offline network to get the right opportunity.

Online- let the social media power work for you; posts on your private accounts and on dedicated LinkedIn, Telegram, alumni FB groups, twitter, and even Instagram. You are looking for opportunities, and your online network must know about it. Make sure your posts are relevant for each of the platform (professional posts with references for LinkedIn, strong-attractive and creative picture on Instagram, much detailed message on your FB account). Also, you can subscribe to different Medium channels, reading articles, and listening to relevant podcasts. (PM for a recommendation specific to your need)

Offline – share it with your friends, past colleagues, and everyone that can be relevant and introduce you with your next opportunity. If you feel comfortable (and if ok don’t, I big boy recommend improvising presentation and public speaking skills), go to and present in a different meetup or social occasions; there are many job fairs worth visiting (universities, various companies). Meeting new people who are doing similar things and asking them questions is what you are trying to do; remember not to be too pushy and be (too) annoying. 

Activity – Use that new network and ask for advice and recommendations from people around you that can help you find your next position. Don’t be shy; a career path became a very challenging issue for our generation, and thus many people are helping other people find their next position, decide what job fit them the most, sharpen their message, be more accurate and help them define the right goals. Look for a mentor in your specific industry. You will be surprised by how experienced people love to share their knowledge with a rookie like you. To change a situation, you must act. Do it according to your values and strategy.

Originality – every good job opportunity has hundreds of talented job seekers that are on the hunt to get it. You need to stand out and make the recruiters understand that you’re the best fit for the posting. Consider your strengths and play to them. Think outside of your industry. A great example is my website. By providing a clear, well-designed site where I outline my methods, I demonstrate the fact that I will take the extra mile to be a successful employee and put my resume in the front row by standing out. (feel free to visit my website - My website helps me be exposed to a very interesting business opportunity. I used it in a short email to a recruiter to attract him to visit it and expose too much more information about me. The site had more info then my CV, and that extra info and personal touch got him to contact me.

Above all, remember to always believe in yourself. Looking for a job is never easy, and the most important thing is your efficacy, which is your judgment of how well you can execute courses of action required to deal with prospective situations.

You're on a journey, try to get the best out of it and always remember to enjoy the sights along with it.

 Please feel free to share and comment. I would love to help in any way that will be relevant- don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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