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"Some are born here, some drawn here but we all call it home"​ How leadership, technology and passio

Updated: May 23, 2019

"All or Nothing - Manchester City",Amazon video series

Manchester City was not my first choice in England

Before watching the Amazon show "All or Nothing - Manchester City" I thought that all their success is due to the unlimited budget they have.

As one who played football for an official team during my childhood, I watched the show to get a glimpse of what’s going on in the locker room of one of the biggest football clubs in Europe. This #Amazon video series is well served, with exceptional moments of this outstanding team. I did get to see those behind the scenes clips I was so eager to see, those player interviews, The half time speeches, the technical look into how buying a player for tens of millions of pounds really is assessed and carried out. But I also saw much more than that. I saw what true leadership in football looks like. A team that is led by this amazing persona called @PepGuardiola. One can easily notice how this true leader can take a group of very talented players and make them into an unbeatable team who broke so many English records. 

It's amazing how this football team operated. So many employees that work hard to provide all they can for the 22 players on the field to success in the game, including Data scientists, Doctors, Data analysts and technology people.

Regarding the technology I must elaborate and share my point of view. Lots of people, even football fans, consider Football as “ 22 people running after the ball in order to score a goal” and of course there is a lot of passion, motivation and money around the game (especially in teams that play in the top leagues in Europe) but after watching the "All or nothing"show about Man city ( I became a fan of the club😊 you can see how sophisticated, well organized and well managed the club is and how much influence that has on the first team.

Just like Silicon valley best business practices have trickled into the bay area #NBA team and helped the Golden state warriors become champions in 3 of the last 4 years, Leveraging big data in sports has become a necessity for football managers who use advanced statistics to make informed decisions and prepare their teams at the highest levels.

If you want to see what football really is made of and how important the business side of it is- go watch this docu-series.

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Ofer Oringher

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