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 2018 - 2020

Bar-Ilan University

Master of Business Administration

Management and Organizational Behavior

i) Corporate management, covering topics such as managerial techniques, human resource, and labor relation management and organizational change;
ii) Organizational behavior, focusing on issues such as motivation, group dynamics, organizational culture and more. In sum, we equip our students with knowledge about all formal and informal managerial processes.

NYU School of Professional Studies

The Advanced Diploma in Project Management

-Critical skills, knowledge, and experience needed to initiate, plan, execute, and manage a successful project. 
-Able to define a business problem (or opportunity), prepare a business case to support it, present the case for the approval of a project, and develop a project plan to deliver the solution, including the skills needed for the execution and management of the plan

The College of Management Academic Studies

Business Management & Marketing

-IAA Program (Inspiring Excellence in Communications Worldwide): Building advertising campaigns to 
customers from different industries, following their briefs.
-Graduate of the prestigious entrepreneurial incubator program of Novus.
-Dean's list 2014.


Facebook Ads & Marketing Course

Creating engaging and profitable ad campaigns on the Facebook social media platform.

*Provided by Maof - Israeli business agency.

Social Responsibility- Assif Strategies

  • Strategic sustainability management

  • Corporate environmental accounting & reporting - Performance analysis & benchmarking -

  • Social & environmental cost-benefit & risk analyses

  • Environmental data management & integration

*Part of my B.A studies

Technion Multicultural Team Project 2019

Improving global management skills by working in a real global environment
*Part of my M.B.A studies   

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