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PDF version of my experience 


Business experience 

Background & Expertise

Gett Delivery~Head of Strategic partnerships 

June 2020

Currently writing my future achievements

Gett Delivery~Business development manager 

July 2019- June 2020

In my role as BDM I owned the entire sales funnel:

  • Researched the market to have the lead generation.

  • Supported the deal process from relationship building and due diligence, all the way through post-contract signing integration.

  • Demand Generation: Launched strategic partnerships with e-commerce/logistics players.


* 5M ISL new money from new partnerships. 

* Supported the growth of Gett Delivery to meet the yearly budget.

* Established partnerships with top brands such us: EBAY, UPS, Super-Pharm, Israel post office, OfficeDepot, Delek Group, IVORY

Mobfox ~Business development manager 

July 2018 - May 2019

As a BDM I created sales opportunities that are well-positioned to become clients:

  • I have Managed all sales opportunities - designed and executed a multi-faceted prospecting plan through research, calling, email, leveraging personal networks and following up on marketing-generated leads.

  • Identified  prospects’ key questions and pain-points ​

  • Continuously improved and researched the existing business development process to improve conversion

* 1M USD new money

* 45 New publishers joined the company

Free your bank (Startup)~Co-founder & Operating officer

June 2017- July 2018

In my role as an operation manager, I took an active part and :

*Researched organizations and individuals online, identified new leads and potential new markets.

*Prepared PowerPoint presentations, marketing & sales displays.

*Oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives

*failed to raise money and built our credibility among our future users.
*Learned how to deal with the failure. 

Government of Israel Project manager ~ – Ministry of Defense, the mission to the US

November 2014 - June 2017

 At my position in the Ministry of Defense, I work closely with the US Government, dealing with military and budget issue in Israel. As a project manager, I research the market and perform a price analysis. Managing operations by cross streaming with multiple departments (legal, accounting, shipping, etc.). It was an honor for me to represent the country of Israel.

*Negotiated contracts with US vendors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, GE, HPI, North, Cisco, HPE.
*Formulated regular status reports and purchase orders.

*Developed annual strategic, procurement and budget plans.


*Promoted to become a Procurement Specialist

*Led and managed key government procurement projects accountable for $240 million annually.

*Stand in front of an efficiency group to improve the professional working environment

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